Benefits Of Drinking Water

They're right next to you, waiting for you to sip them for free, and you're being lazy? What a waste! Water prevents and solves many health problems, and also helps you lose weight. Wait, wait inside, waiting for another sea of surprising information.

In brief 

1. Weight loss? water??? Yes Yes! It's not that the liquid contains a miracle substance that causes the loss of kilograms, but indirectly - it has a great contribution.
2. They do not have public relations like the heart or the lungs, but the kidneys are among the most important organs. And they need a lot of water to get debris out of the body.
3. How many glasses should one drink a day? In the past, they were talking about the magic number, but that's a myth that was refuted. It depends, among other things, on your sex.

You do not feel well, and then your mother, grandmother, spouse scolds you: "Oh sure, you do not drink enough!"
We assume that you too were in this situation, and although we would be happy to provide you with a defense, it is time to admit openly: they were probably right, maybe even more than they and you imagined.
The water source is probably right next to you - in the faucet, in the facility, or in the bottle - and you still do not take a glass and sip water? Too bad, really.
Let's start with a few facts: about two-thirds of your body weight is made up of fluids.
On a normal day that does not include strenuous activity or any disease, we lose about 4.5 liters of fluids. how? Urination, sweating and even now, even if you do nothing but read this article-yes, just like that, with your breath. And what is lost in the body needs to be back, so that all cells and organs will continue to function best.

Here are some ways in which water helps our health, beyond current operation.

More water - less weight!

Weight loss? water??? Yes Yes! It's not that the liquid contains a miracle substance that causes the loss of kilograms, but indirectly - it has a great contribution. If, for example, you drink water instead of sugary drinks, you will reduce the number of calories. In addition, water will make you feel fuller and eat less at every meal. Stop the constipation Longing for this painful moment when you sit in the bathroom, pushing and pushing, but nothing comes except stomach pains? of course not! The fluids function like a broom that keeps the intestines functioning properly. When the body does not get enough fluids, the colon pulls water from the stool to maintain moisture - resulting in the painfully painful phenomenon called constipation.

Sick ? Drink !!

Sick? Drink!

In situations where fluid loss is increased - for example, in high body temperature, diarrhea and vomiting - it is important to drink heavily. When the fever rises, for example, our breathing becomes heavier and we lose more fluids.

Of course, during exercise, which causes a lot of sweat, it is important to drink more. In pharmacies you can find solutions that contain the salts that we lose (oral rehydration solutions), and they come in a form of powder that adds water to the body, thus restoring vitality to the body faster than drinking water only.

The garbage courts

do not receive public relations like the heart or lungs, but the kidneys are among the most important organs, responsible for quite a few processes that allow our body to function properly.

Well, we did not just get two of them. The water makes it easier for the kidneys to effectively excrete the much accumulated waste in the body.

The equation is simple: when the body enters enough fluids the urine flows freely, it is bright and odorless.

When the fluid is insufficient, the kidneys retain fluid so that the body can continue to function, and then the urine concentration is higher, the color is darker and the smell is unpleasant. If you drink too little you may also be in danger of kidney stones, especially in hot weather.
And it's not really pleasant, really unpleasant.

Fighting Hangover

A headache, nausea, vomiting and post-understanding that you have made a fool of yourself - how much fun is a hangover.

That's how it is when you consume too much alcohol that makes your body feel ashamed. So if you have already decided to drink, after each drink (as little as possible), drink a glass of water and feel better.

And for dessert, also drink before bedtime. Pissed water? Ummm ... Although you can find recommendations on drinking water to keep the skin, or to reduce the chances of acne, there is no scientific basis.

What's more, you may want to make wetting with a damp towel or take baths to relieve skin problems.

Wait, how much do you need to drink a day?

A survey conducted by the Panels Research Institute among 515 peolpe aged 25 and over raised worrisome data: 59% reported drinking 4-5 cups of water a day - much less than recommended.

In the past, 8 glasses were considered the magic number, but this myth has already been refuted. It is now assumed that the recommended daily dose varies from person to person and depends on variables such as level of activity and level of sweating.

Do you insist on a number anyway? The recommended daily amount for a man is about 13 cups (3 liters) and a woman has 9 cups (2.2 liters). The assumption is that the 4.5 liter screen we need to return to the body, about 20% comes from food and drinks that we consume - and the rest must be received from water. Drinks like milk and juices are also good sources of water, but beverages that contain alcohol and caffeine, such as soft drinks, coffee and beer, are not ideal because they cause the body to lose water.