A Pleasant And Tasty Experience

Add slices or lemon juice to the water.

The lemon is good for the stomach, skin, teeth, and blood pressure. The lemon will also add to the water a wonderful and sour taste.









Be creative in cooling the drink.

Freeze strawberries, grapes or cherries and add to water. So you can enjoy cool water with a fruity touch.










Add herbal tea to the menu.

Tea contains anti-oxidants, detoxifies and soothes the body.










Mix water with natural fruit juice.

 Fresh juice is a great source of vitamins and anti-oxidants.










Try squeezing fresh fruit into the water.

Create a "smoothie" of water and fruit puree, for added fiber and sweet taste.









Drink soda.

Do not give up a soda? Try drinking soda water with a little lemon or ginger. The soda contains minerals that are good for the body, and the lemon or ginger will neutralize the mild aftertaste.









Drink more soup.

Soup is a great source of vitamins, fiber and protein and also contributes to a feeling of satiety for those trying to lose weight.